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Welcome to Daily Devotional Moments, visit us each day for an inspirational moment. You can listen to morning prayer or simply listen to the daily 'moment' for a new perspective, a little inspiration, or to get a little more God in your life!

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Daily Devotions
Listen to a Daily Devotional Moment - click here and choose a favorite moment.

Pray along with prayers for specific moments in your life (as found in The Book Of Common Prayer) - click here for prayers: World, Church, National Life, Society, National Order, Family & Personal, Thanksgivings.

Prayer Beads
Prayers for Anglican Prayer Beads - click here to choose.
We also are offering Prayer Beads that come with instructions and audio CD of three prayers that you can follow along with or help you get started.

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You may freely use these audio files for prayerful purposes. ©Copyright for audio and reproduction rights remain with Daily Devotional Moments.